Lamar is a third generation offspring of a polluted bloodline, and the gene for vampirism that he carries in his DNA has just been triggered. Morgan Summers, a 325-year-old vampire forced to watch her mother pressed to death as a witch in Salem Village in 1692, is searching for the key to mortality. 
     Lamar, unknowingly, has that key. He and Morgan are stalked by a   sinister and very secret arm of the Roman Catholic Church—the OVFS, Order of the Vampire Final Solution. Since its founding in 1925, the OVFS has tracked down and killed fifty-seven vampires. Morgan is to be their fifty-eighth conquest, with Lamar soon added to the hit list as well. 

     Dr. James Heller, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science is also Director of Harvard’s Genetics Laboratory. His son is destined to evolve into a vampire unless his father can prevent it . . . and time is running out. Heller’s scientists are desperately working on a gene-splicing technique that would provide resurrection for vampires—a return to mortality and humanity. 
     Will Lamar and Morgan defeat the OVFS and those trying to destroy them? But more importantly, can a secret resurrection project succeed before others have to die?

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Chesapeake Bay Karma showcases the three lifetimes of one woman through a 150 year span. With terrifying recurrent obstacles thrust in her path, and unimaginable devastation at the hands of powerful men and a dominating political system, her soul struggles to defend the ones she loves. 1829, Gloucester, Virginia. Battered and pregnant, Margaret flees Williamsburg to take shelter with her Uncle Mike and protect her unborn son from his politician father, Albert. When Uncle Mike dies eleven years later, Quincy inherits enough land to become a voting landowner. When politician Nathaniel steps into her life, Margaret is torn by desire and distrust. Will Albert find a way to destroy Margaret and Quincy, or will Nathaniel become their savior? 1917, Deltaville, Virginia. Forced into a marriage by her father in order to save his shipping business, Nurse Margene uses her husband Alfred’s money to fund her relationship with lover, Nathan. Spurred on by the Suffrage Movement, she faces the Night of Terrors, only to learn there are crueler realities ahead. Are her son Quinn’s nightmares about a fire that happened 100 years ago a forewarning? 1963, Williamsburg, Virginia. Maggie and Nate share a love that has transcended lifetimes of upheaval. In the summer of '63, they find their happiness shattered by a threat from Nate's childhood friend, Al. Will Al manage to perpetuate an evil that has followed them through the folds of time and threatens everything they want in this lifetime? Or, will they finally find a way to end the conflict that began in another era? With the clock ticking, Maggie and Nate struggle to save their son from a darkness that could destroy them all. First in a series

Ella Giancetti thought certain things had ended in the South, like segregation and signs announcing 'Whites Only'. When she moves to Paterson, Virginia, though, she quickly discovers that, though the signs might be gone, some of the attitudes remain... Accepting her first job as a college professor in a different state is supposed to be the start of a new life as Ella heals from the death of her mother. Trying to balance preparations for the new semester with incessant phone calls from her abrasive sister Lisa is difficult enough before complications appear. Someone already hates her enough to vandalize her house, and there's a constant supply of unannounced visitors, like her enigmatic landlord, her eccentric older neighbor, a handsome police officer, and a ghost. Of the three, the ghost is the real problem. It appears in her dreams, it appears in person. It makes a mess. Ella needs to know how this young Black woman became a ghost if she ever wants to have a peaceful night in her new home. Working to find out who is threatening her and why, she can't help wondering about the irony of seeing other people's ghosts - but not her own mother, whom she desperately misses. As the history of the town of Paterson and the house she lives in is uncovered, Ella wonders if the past is truly the past and questions what will happen once she finds the truth about the events of 1960.

Why is it so hard to listen when Hannah, the family ghost, issues a warning? Probably because she says things Katie doesn't want to hear, and she only shows up when there's trouble. In 1861, Irish immigrant Hannah Donovan is unjustly accused of murdering her employer, Titus Foote. Hoping to leave memories of that awful time behind her, Hannah fled Connecticut and migrated south to Yorktown, Virginia. A century and a half later, a ghostly game of revenge ensues when Titus catches up to Hannah. He still believes she killed him and vows to annihilate her descendants. Cleve Farrington is the handsome new stranger in town, and it seems he has his eye set on Katie Hollister. But Katie has a secret, and it has nothing to do with the fact that she lives with the ghost of her great-great-great grandmother. Katie's secret is starting to unravel, and she finds that even her old friends Roland and Ella may not be able to help her in time. As revelations about Katie's obsession come to light, she is faced with enemies so powerful, they could destroy her - body and soul..