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Dilkusha: The Island of Healing Winds

Dilkusha: The Island of Healing Winds




Available in Paperback


As I sit here looking at black and white photos of summers gone by at the island, I can’t help wondering if Papa Judge envisioned that 122 years later his family, their children, and their children, and their children’s children would be making the same pilgrimage.


Many things have changed since that first summer in 1896 when Papa Judge first came to the bay. Family and friends no longer sleep in tents, speed boats have replaced the row boats that brought him and his guide and supplies into the bay to Moon River where they set up camp. Many friends have come and gone. The family has grown. On August 9,1941 Papa Judges beloved granddaughter Lucile married Warren Gille. Subsequently, grew to love and cherish Canadian sunsets, sparkling blue waters and wind bent northern pines.


This book is dedicated to my mother who continues to love and support the island as God’s gift to us. I invite you to pull up a chair, and your favorite beverage and share some of island stories passed down to us. Welcome to our island.

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