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Last Things

Last Things


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In this fourth work of fiction by author H. Scott Butler, three novellas look into the lives of people on journeys of self-discovery:

In Legacy - An artist long estranged from her family returns home to attend her mother’s funeral.

In The Cave of Despair - A man who suspects his ex-wife’s suicide may have been murder spies on the possible killer.

In Last Things - A very old man weathering the pandemic alone tries to come to terms with his feelings about the mixed-race couple next door, and about his loved ones, both living and dead.

In each of these tales, confrontations with mortality propel the protagonists on journeys that range from funny to suspenseful to poignant.

The “last things” of the title story are the ultimate Christian concerns of death, judgment, and the afterlife, as filtered through the characters’ unconventional perspectives.



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