The First Stone

The First Stone


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Second Edition


Sometimes when you try to bury your secrets they claw their way back.


In The First Stone, generations of deceit and betrayal find their way to one family. This epic novel begins in 1919 and ends in 2004 covers the power of redemption and the lesson of forgiveness.

“Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”


What other readers are saying about The First Stone:


Generations are haunted by decisions and guilt, but a tangled web connects them in their humanity and for some, absolution.  Susan Williamson


A story about the weight of vengeance and the need for redemption, The First Stone admirably intersects the lives of very diverse and unlikely characters. When the complexity of the war in Viet Nam collides with immigrants from Mexico struggling to find their place, the tension carries the reader through the struggles of finding one’s moral compassMichael Schiretti


A deeply moving, sunny novel, full of humanity.  Clement Brown


With his Southwest heritage, Lynn Underwood writes like Tony Hillerman with a civil engineering degree.   Ed Sawdorski