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High Tide Publications, Inc. (HTP) is a small publishing company located on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. We also own FireBellied Frog Graphic Design, an award-winning company that handles advertising, book formatting and design, and book covers. We do everything in-house and do not use subcontractors.


Formed in 2010, we are a small, woman-owned enterprise dedicated to the author over 50. HTP publishes nonfiction, poetry, and children's books. Many of our authors were ranked #1 on Amazon when their book was launched. We provide marketing support to all of our authors and have developed a strategy to promote our authors' work who have entrusted their manuscripts to our team.

We have outstanding writers at all stages of their careers. We began High Tide because authors over 50 were ignored in the publishing industry. An OpEd in the New York Times stated that if you haven't been published by the time you are 30, then forget about it.




After our founder had a bad experience with a publisher (her first book, no less), she returned to school to study the publishing industry and graphic arts and design. She immersed herself in marketing strategies and studied under some of the best people in the field. Armed with this knowledge, she started High Tide, and the rest is history. A year later, the publisher who took advantage of her naivete was out of business.

Since launching High Tide, her merry band of women has published over 100 titles and represents fifty-six authors. 


 HTP firmly believed that books nourish the soul. We know through feedback from our readers that reading can improve mental health, provide a sense of community, or inspire creativity. We have enriched the lives of our readers through perceptive editing, captivating design, and outstanding outreach to you. 

When you buy an authorized copy, you help us to bring their work to you. Your support enables us to unleash our author's creative energy, publish their work, and bring it to you to enjoy.

We thank you for supporting our authors.

HTP is a hybrid publisher. We adhere to the code of conduct developed by IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association).
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