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Blue Crab Finds a Home - Affirmations for Kids

Blue Crab Finds a Home - Affirmations for Kids


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I know that every individual is significant and believe that our existence affects countless people in countless ways. I also believe that within each of us is a spark that can be extinguished or can glow based on encouragement from others. I’m convinced that taking pride in our light and using it for good is essential and it begins at an early age.


This book was dedicated to Heather Maurine Frank, my great-granddaughter and namesake. I want her exposed to encouraging, positive books about the impact of kindness on others. Since she is three, these books must be colorful and engaging, with a lively, fun character to hold her interest. I’ve been writing and developing team-effectiveness programs for most of my career. The heart of this work is similar to writing a children’s story with a solid moral The moral in Blue Crab Finds a Home is if you care about others and treat them with kindness, you will bring joy into peoples lives and ultimately be supported in doing whatever you put your mind to.

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