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Buying Your First Horse

Buying Your First Horse


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Should you buy a horse for your child? Should you buy a horse for yourself? This book addresses all of the issues related to horse ownership, from choosing the right breed to understanding what type of daily attention your horse will need. Written with clarity and insight, Susan Williamson's equine knowledge will expertly guide you on your first horse ownership journey. 


Chapter 1 - Why Buy? 

Chapter 2 Now or Later: Timing Is Everything 

Chapter 3 Do Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth 

Chapter 4 Vices to Avoid 

Chapter 5 Sex, Age and Breed 

Chapter 6 How Much $$$ 

Chapter 7 Buyer Beware: Help Is Out There 

Chapter 8 What Does a Horse Need? 

Chapter 9 Do Horses Live Forever? 

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