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Henry and Hinky Go on Vacation

Henry and Hinky Go on Vacation


Henry and Hinky, that lovable duo, decide to visit the farm where cousin Finn lives on a farm. “I am so excited,” said Henry. “It has been a long time since we have seen our cousin Finn. He is such a funny dog. He can jump higher than any other dog I have ever seen.”
“It is no wonder all the birds stay so high in the trees when he is around,” Hinky laughed.

“Yes, there are no birds around when Finn is there. I hope we can watch his human ride. Dressage is such a beautiful sport.”

“Let’s go pack,” Henry said as he did a little dance. “We’ve got to prepare for our trip!”

And off they go, followed by Sneet the pirate frog who, once again, is up to no good.

Finn has a surprise for his cousins - a pair of magic wings. But Sneet steals them and winds up regretting it.

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