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My Game of Life: The Poetry and Essays of Edward Lull

My Game of Life: The Poetry and Essays of Edward Lull


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Available in paperback and hardcover


A life of service is a life well and greatly lived. ― Omoakhuana Anthonia


Having begun my writing career in my mid-sixties, I never ran short of life experiences to write about. Where younger writers face the dreaded “writer’s block,” the advice “Write about what you know,” is often marginally helpful. It has worked for me. I have built this book around things I have done, ideas I have had, and emotions I felt strongly about. It contains some of my favorite poems written in my first twenty years of writing as well as many relatively new unpublished works. The latter category includes responses to the devastating impact of losing my loving partner of more than sixty-three blessed years of marriage. Those wounds are indeed deep and lasting. My years in the Emerson Society of Williamsburg produced numerous essays on a variety of topics. Several were written from research conducted on U.S. Navy history - a favorite topic of mine. Others included leadership training, risky childhood experiences, golfing exploits, and English language peculiarities. However, Part 4 of the book contains six essays detailing actual experiences I had as a Navy officer. I needed no notes to write these essays; the events are still permanently etched in my mind - fifty years later.One advantage of taking up writing as a third career is that I fully intended to remain active and productive in retirement and I enjoy writing. So now, with the freedom to do so, I could put to use my leadership and management skills gained through 20 years as a Navy officer followed by 20 years of executive positions in business. has contributed immeasurably to the joys and fulfillment of my retirement goals.I have known and worked with wonderful people throughout my life; I have love for all and ill will toward none. I am truly blessed.

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