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On Earth as In Heaven

On Earth as In Heaven


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Available in paperback and eBook


This book is an invitation to explore the Christian faith. The exploration is focused, as the subtitle suggests, on the issues of life, love, and eternity. This book is not for you if you believe in a God, who makes lots of rules, and you feel you can live with these rules pretty well, and look forward to the day all those sinful people out there really get blasted. If, on the other hand, you’ve been raised with a belief in that kind of God and it scares you, read on! This book has been written by an ordinary Christian layman for ordinary laypersons. You may be active in the Church; you may be seeking, or you may be downright questioning. That’s OK. You’ll find this book readable and helpful in thinking through some basic issues of life, love, and eternity. This book can be used for individual meditations or group discussion. Each article is brief, focuses on a single issue, and ends with several questions for reflection. Many articles contain vivid little images from everyday life that will grab attention and help make sense. Any of the reflection questions can lead you deeper, as far as you want to go.

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