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The Angels Birthday Celebration

The Angels Birthday Celebration


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The angels are getting ready. After all, they have a very important job—to announce the birth ofJesus. Every angel knows what they are to do.

Well, almost everyone. Meet Xavier.

  • He sings off key duing choir practice.
  • He hangs upside down from clouds,irritating everyone who is serious about getting ready for the Christmas miracle.
  • He has red, spiked hair.
  • His halo is always askew.
  • No gold belt aroundhis waist; instead he uses a rope.
  • And those red shoes and green stripedsocks.

Not to mention his wings. What to do about Xavier!

He is a mess.

And what will his role be in the Angels Birthday Celebration—the story of the birthday of the savior of the world.

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