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Wandering Through the Fire - Volume 1 - The Awakening

Wandering Through the Fire - Volume 1 - The Awakening


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Cyrus Cormier’s Wandering Through The Fire, is an inspiring story of a black man, born in a racist-riddled America, and his journey through life with the inspiration and support of his family. It is truly a wonderful story of determination, resiliency, and forgiveness. I strongly recommend this book.”
David Cariens - Author and Victims’ Rights Advocate


In Wandering Through the Fire, Cyrus Cormier shares his personal story with honesty, humility, and gratitude for the lessons learned that have brought him to this time of enlightenment in his life.
Sharon Canfield Dorsey - Award winning author and poet

Being ourselves in the world is what we want in life, but such is seldom easy or even not possible for some. We move into and out of things, sometimes bruised and needing a pep talk. It’s a struggle to survive, but we all have self-knowledge so we must be honest with ourselves as we move. We see paths emerging ahead of us as we look for opportunity and reward.To be your true self is the greatest wish that I could make for humankind - to be your authentic self, honest to thyself. The life and times of Cyrus began for me the day we met at his family’s fish market in Houston back in the early seventies, back when we were raw, young with only callous on our hands. His personality smiled across the counter while he was butchering fish as I was being greeted by his mama – we met on the job, if you will.

Our life paths paralleled one another’s in that hiring authorities recognized our potential or character above our degrees or credentials, thus opening doors for us into which to shine. You must earn it, and he did. His potential was apparent to others, his performance was hard-earned while he remained helpful to his fellow associates. Always in his life, he has lent a helping hand to others, some of whom he met on his first job and whom he mentors still.

Finally, I know the introverted person who is Cyrus, a person blessed with emotional intelligence and of good character; coming through generations of his loving and hard-working family who made their way outward from Bayou Teche into Houston and provided their children with education and standing. Indeed, the central theme of this book is love as he reveals to you in the sincerity of his words, in the pain and joy that he has lived, and in the forgiveness that is authentic self. This is my friend Cyrus.

Bill Cunningham

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