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Wipe That Smile Off Your Face...and other strange tales scribbled on a paper bag

Wipe That Smile Off Your Face...and other strange tales scribbled on a paper bag


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Steve Crabill has always loved a good story, and believes that when we hear or tell a story, especially a true one, it gives us a commonality and triggers something in our hearts.

Steve has been telling stories since he was a kid. He has been writing stories for twelve years and has been published in “Thunder Run”, a quarterly magazine for his beloved 11th Armored Cavalry Association.

As a member of Chesapeake Bay Writers, he recently won first place in their All Star Gala Writing Competition. He enjoys reading his creative non-fiction short stories with this writers group every month.

His collection of stories have appeal for a wide range of ages. Baby boomers will relate to many of them, but older and younger generations will find enjoyment reading them as well. The reader is taken on a journey.

This journey gives pictures of life in all its magic, mystery, and even the brutality of war.

  • How about stepping in dog doo and having to ride home on the roof of the family car, for instance? Sound familiar? No?
  • Okay then: you’re working in a veterinary hospital as a teenager, and you have to tell a beautiful young woman that her dog is dead! No problem, she shed not a tear! Just all in a day’s work, and weird work, too!
  • On we go, right to edge of insanity in South East Asia. A twenty-two year old tank driver with nine lives. How does one mainstream back into the “flower child” community after this? It ain’t easy!

Step right up folks, you are going to be pulled up, down, and sideways through Steve Crabill’s narrative . There will be situations where the reader will be asking (along with the author), ”Why the hell did this happen?” Usually there won’t be an answer. That is what makes life more interesting, isn’t it? Steve wants his writing to open the door to that part of our heart that reminds us we go through life only once. He believes we all have a wonderful commonality of sharing life’s experiences.

As Steve says, "I’ll show you mine, if you’ll show me yours!"

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