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Becoming Finnigan

Becoming Finnigan


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Available in paperback and eBook


Sometimes we choose our path.
Sometimes it is chosen for us.
Sometimes we have no choice at all.

Joel Finnigan was a man who experienced all three…
Orphaned at an early age, bravely stepping in to fight for his country as a young man, and sacrificing a love that was meant to be, Joel Finnigan is a man of honor and courage.
Althea Burnside, a brash young woman whose search for love and success has led her from one disastrous relationship to another, is a writer faced with the most astonishing discovery of her lifetime: what true love should be.
When Joel meets Althea, his world is turned upside down. What is he going to do about this pushy reporter who wants to change his world and unearth long-buried secrets he would rather ignore?
Does he deny her existence, or can Joel and Althea help each other become the people they are meant to be?
Becoming Finnigan is an epic novel that begins in World War II and ends the day before 9/11. It is a history lesson, a lesson in faith and a tribute to the adage that we are never too old or too jaded to find love.

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