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Artful Angels: Reflections-Paintings

Artful Angels: Reflections-Paintings


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Angels Everywhere!


Although I don't recall ever seeing an angel, I have always felt their presence.

Sometimes when I close my eyes, I feel one standing next to me.

Now, the artist within me sees angels and paints them. In this book, I have included a few of those angels and the words received intuitively about each one.

You will notice that I use many different materials to create my angel paintings. Some are watercolors; others are acrylic. Part of the collection is painted with artist pastels or with mixed media. I even have one that evolved using oils and encaustics. My angels come in many sizes, from very small, 4" x 6", to rather large, 54" x 42". Most are on watercolor paper or Yupo. Four are painted on stretched canvas.

Sometimes, it is helpful to open this book to a painting and simply meditate about it. Silence is a friend. Perhaps an angel will appear in the quiet of your day. Take a deep breath and discover the majesty of angels all around.

Mary Montague Sikes


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