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Murder on a Monday: A Rachel Mathews Murder Mystery

Murder on a Monday: A Rachel Mathews Murder Mystery


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Available in paperback and eBook


Rachel Mathews and Donna O'Hare, friends and owners of a magazine for small business in Victoria, BC, are horrified when they stumble across the body of Jody Smythe sprawled in the stairwell of their office building in the middle of the day. Jody was manager of the seniors' residence next door, and someone has cut her throat. The police are checking everywhere, but can't find the murder weapon or anyone with a motive for killing the young woman. Two more deaths surface as Rachel seeks for an explanation, using help from a former hippy, two elderly women, and an actuary. A story of deception, theft, adultery, and a mother's twisted love unfolds as she plunges deeper and deeper into the mystery. Will the case be solved before Donna's attraction to a prime suspect proves fatal? For anyone who is the target of a physical assault, psychological self-defense is a great tool and Rachel learns how useful it can be.

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