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Always Love

Always Love


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The author's purpose in life is to help people to have a firm belief in God.

Always Love stresses the fact that God is love . . . Jesus Christ is love. In the beginning, the beginning of every life, there is . . . love.God created the earth . . . the skies, the seas, the mountains, the valleys, covering all things therein with gorgeous color. God said, "Let the mountains be covered with various shades of green and brown. Fill the valleys with grains and wild flowers, making them yellow, red, blue, lavender, orange . . . I like all colors! The animals on land, the birds of the air, and the fish of the rivers, lakes, and seas, they shall be colorful too." Then God made man and woman . . . in his own image, and he made them in various shades of brown, yellow, red, black, and white. How colorful, his creation!Always, in all ways, God and his Son, Jesus, were--are--present in all creation through the Holy Spirit. This quiet, sweet, mysterious Presence knows everything . . . He guides God's children each day, comforting them, cautioning them when they are about to sin. He encourages them when they are undertaking something new and momentous. He sustains them and cheers them on to victory. How gracious God is!Always Love is about living life to the fullest with the God of love. Live . . . love . . . learn . . . read . . . pray . . . sing . . . dance . . . share . . . laugh . . . rejoice! Joy and peace come to all who trust and obey the God of love . . . always.




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