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The Curtis Letters - A Cat's Eye View of Life

The Curtis Letters - A Cat's Eye View of Life


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It's been said that dogs have masters but cats have staff. Curtis, the kitten who stars in The Curtis Letters, is a perfect example of that premise. His daily escapades as he explores his home and territory entertain and surprise. They range from small delights like finding snackable bits under the dinner table and in the trash can to a harrowing experience of being accidentally trapped in the refrigerator. It's obvious that Curtis has no masters but he does give affectionate credit to the loyal, trustworthy and brave canines who do. Besides being a wise philosopher, Curtis is the eyes and ears of neighborhood news and gossip. Reading about Curtis' adventures will become a relaxing and amusing addition to your day. No stress, no conflict, just joy.

  • Sharon Canfield Dorsey, Award Winning Poet and Author

In The Curtis Letters, a young kitten comes to life and one sees all the predicaments he faces! Curtis shows feelings and he enjoys living a good life with Missy, Mr. John, and their grandsons Kyle and Bryan. Reading this book is a treat, and one will chuckle at Curtis' Adventures. This can also be a great "Read Aloud Book'' between an adult and a child.

  • Jill Wilkinson (former Middle School Teacher and Librarian)
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