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Updraft: Poetry in Four Parts

Updraft: Poetry in Four Parts


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Poetry is the music of language. In Updraft, Kathleen Decker has created a musical feast for the
ears and the eyes. The beautiful art quilts that introduce each section complete the luxurious
ambiance of this beautiful book.
-Sharon Canfield Dorsey, Author of Walk With Me and other works

The “rumbles and rustlings” that we read in one of Kathleen Decker’s poems epitomize much of
what makes this, her latest book, such a beautiful and valuable offering. Life is indeed made up
of extremes and who better than a poet, gifted quilter, and devoted physician—three in one—to
deal with those rumbles and rustles of life.
-Sofia M. Starnes, Virginia Poet Laureate, Emerita
Author of The Consequence of Moonlight and other works

In well-honed poems that illuminate a wealth of wisdom, Kathleen Decker reflects on the power
of nature to restore one’s stability and appreciation of life. Regardless of whether the author is
observing a butterfly haven, a forest scene, or ruminating on the dishevelment of a pandemic, she
recognizes and highlights the curative power of hope.
-Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda, Virginia Poet Laureate Emerita
Author of The Embrace: Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo and other works

Updraft is both vibrant and intelligent as she takes poetry lovers from the raw energy of nature,
through her experiences as a doctor and our mutual struggles with a pandemic, all the way to the
poignancy of the many aspects of love. She exhorts her readers to embrace life, especially in her
poem “Almost”: “I almost ended my life/until raindrops brushed my face/and I breathed again.”
Her work is honest and confessional, an absolute must read.
-Janice Hoffman, Author of Soul Cookies and Azalees in October

Kathleen Decker is free; she will drown you in a sea of life experience, then sting you with the
power of brevity. She will not be imprisoned by the limitations of form; she shapes her poems to
fit her message. Her style has a purity about it as she rejects the clutter of punctuation and caps
except where absolutely necessary. An excellent read!
-Ed Lull, President Emeritu, Poetry Society of Virginia,
Author of My Game of Life and other works.

What an amazing collection of emotions, experiences and observation fill the pages of Updraft.
Seldom have I encountered a book of poetic memoir that covers so much territory.
-Terry Cox-Joseph, President, Poetry Society of Virginia
Author of Between Then and Now, and other works

With miniscule stitches, she pieces together into a keepsake quilt a kaleidoscope of color,
adventure, observation and transformation. I sit with it draped over my knees, a large mug of
spiced tea to sip while I savor her varied stories. To overcome “the tyranny of the unconscious”
she declares that “people have inner power, it is in the imagination.”
-Joyce Carr Stedelbauer, Author of Batteries Not Included

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