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Walk with Me

Walk with Me


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Sharon Canfield Dorsey's Walk With Me invites the reader to join her on a journey through an encyclopedia of experiences. From paying homage to her Native American heritage to giving voice as a social justice warrior for the homeless, and from falling in love to delighting in little children, this author shares both grief and humor, poses timeless questions, and causes her reader to ponder and rejoice. Her gift of storytelling and use of vivid imagery evoke strong emotions and quick understanding. Come, walk with her through the seasons of her life where "The days tumble over each other like scarlet maple leaves in October" and where "Heroes . . . emerge from the clay of circumstance."


Janice Hoffman, Award Winning Poet

Author of Soul Cookies


Sharon Dorsey takes her readers through a beautifully written, emotionally stimulating ride with her new book, Walk With Me. Her powerful reminiscence of her Great Grandmother blends wonderful imagery with authentic nostalgia to create a truly historic person. Sharon uses the richness of her travel and exploring experience to present a Native American's version of a history of the West not taught in school. Although most of her work is written in free verse, she does dabble in forms with acrostics and ABC poems, but most seriously in a sestina that takes the Native American culture from a time of degradation to an almost glorious resurrection of spirit. In "Night Symphony"


Edward W. Lull

President (Emeritus)

The Poetry Society of Virginia



Walk With Me is an adventure, a journey, and a feast for the eyes. With reverence for her Native American heritage, readers will come to understand that Sharon's landscape has been shaped by proud, strong forces. Her poems ring with honesty, at times humor, tenderness, and insight. For

anyone who wants to experience the gift of storytelling through poetry, written with words carefully chosen, this collection is a must.


Ann Falcone Shalaski

author of World Made of Glass,

Without Pretense, and Just So You Know



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